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Dear Penn State Alumni and Friends:

The Palm Beach County Penn State Alumni Association hopes you are safe and comfortable during these unbelievable times. As the information around COVID-19 continues to evolve rapidly, we want you to stay connected and informed.

As of June 2020, our football season is programmed to start on September 5th. But who knows what will happen. We would love to celebrate and cheer PSU during our watch parties, but with this most recent resurgence of COVID -19, we just don’t know what will happen in September. We don’t know what will be allowed or what can be done. The ability to have these parties will depend on many, many things. Unfortunately, we may not be able to get together.

Some of you have begun renewing your membership. We thank you for that. We ask that the rest of you do this as well. It will help with keeping the chapter together, having the funds to bring everyone together when the time is right, and allow us to continue to contribute to our Scholarship Fund.

We encourage you to follow our Facebook group, subscribe to our email list, and visit our website to stay informed.

Your Board of Directors Thanks You.

Take Care and Be Safe,

Steven L. Best

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Come join the PSU-PBC chapter GAME DAY as we cheer on the Nittany Lions! Meet us at our usual spot, hope to see everyone there!

Twin Peaks, Palm Beach Lakes Blvd., West Palm Beach, FL.


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